Varkarola in Paleokastritsa

The Story of Varkarola Musicians, dancers, cheerleaders, divers, bands, fireworks, and natural beautiful scenery, make a spectacular setting for Odysseus arrival in Palaioakastritsa

Come and live your myth.

Odysseus leaves Calypso’s island on a single raft and begins his long journey back to his home, Ithaca. While sailing, he meets God of the Sea, Poseidon, who in order to take revenge for his son’s blinding by Odysseus (cyclops Polyphemus), throws a terrible storm and hits Odysseus raft which shipwrecked near the coast of Palaiokastritsa.

Meanwhile beautiful Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous, after Athena’s exhortation, goes to the very same coast with her friends and servants where they swim, do laundry and play the ball shouting and singing. Odysseus, exhausted and sea stormed takes the decision and reveals himself, asking for help.

Nausicaa, charmed by his looks, gives him shelter and invites him back to the palace to meet her father. Alcinous welcomes Odysseus as a hero, offering him the well known local hospitality. After reciting Odysseus adventures in the Trojan War, Alcinous is so impressed with him that asks him to marry his daughter Nausicaa!

But Odysseus, faithful to Penelope, kindly rejected Alcinous proposal and asked the king to help him return to his home. His wife Penelope was back home waiting almost 20 years for him to return. Alcinous accepted his will and gave him a ship full of his citizens to get him back to Ithaca.